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FastShip provides you to connect with leading marketplace, our system offers the fastest route in flowing your orders from marketplace to our platform.

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We provide cross-border logistic services for commercial and individual purposes. We connect you to logistic firms such as UPS, DHL, Aramex and FedEx. We also offers the connecting route to international Marketplace for online merchants.

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Express service for E-Commerce

FastShip is also a platform for online entrepreneur who want to send their product abroad such as Amazon or eBay sellers send their product to customers or FBA. Our service consist of

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We have been experiencing in exporting areas for almost two decades. We have seen problems that most customers are struggled with. As a result, we are ready to offer you a solution to achieve your ultimate goals in selling abroad.


Guarantees with over twenty thousand users


We are specialized in this field more than 15 years


logistic partner is one of the key thing that You should select carefully, every shipments have to delivered to your customers in time.


This such a competitive price. There are various logistic agents to choose. Overall the service is very easy to use. I like it


I save my times a lot in preparing the documents just to open the accounts for giant logistic firms. But FastShip is an absolute choice for me. I just only fill the online form. Most importantly the price is so attractive.

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