Fastship is currently connect with Shopify now.
Let’s see the instruction!

How to ship your parcel in Shopify account with FastShip.

1.Log in to Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account on this website : https://accounts.shopify.com/store-login

2. Click “Order” to see your order list

Click “Order” button then click “Filter” button to select only orders that have already been paid but are not in delivered process

2.1  Click “Add Filter” to select already paid order >> click Payment Status >> click Paid

2.2 Click “Add Filter” again to select not on delivered process order then select Fulfilment Status >> Unfulfilled

3. Click “Export” to pull out order list

3.1  Click “Current page”
3.2 Click  “CSV for excel, number, or other spreadsheet programs” to download the information and convert it into “.CSV” file.
3.3 Click  “Export orders” to download information

4. Select a location to save file

5. Log in to FastShip.Co website

Log in to FastShip system to start deliver parcel abroad: https://app.fastship.co/login


6. Click “Shopify Import” to start the deliver processes

Go to create parcel automatically menu >> select sub-menu “Shopify Import”

7. Import your order list into FastShip system

Press “chose file” to upload your order list from Shopify (the file extension .CSV) Into FastShip system >> press Upload

7.1 Click “Create” to create shipment for each of order

8. Fill in weight, size and choose agent that you prefer

Recheck the destination address information and fill in parcel information such as weight, box size, declaration, and choose an agent >> press “Create parcel”

9. Choose a method of sending parcels to FastShip

9.1 Choose the best way for you to send the parcel to FastShip >> pick up at your house or drop at drop point service of Thailand Post.
9.2 Read a condition of services and click accept button >> confirm the transition

10.  Payment

Press the button “Pay via QR code” to pay or pay by credit card.

Wait for the parcel to arrive at FastShip then the process is completed.