What to know about FastShip ?

When you live in Thailand and want to send parcels to overseas, Choose FastShip

1. How can you start send parcels with us?

Follow this step, Then your parcels will be ready to ship abroad

First Go to www.fastship.co

Then Click at register member, if you have not yet registered with us. For your information, members are not required to pay the membership fees.

After that you will see the next page, please click the banner name as “create shipment” It will automatically connect to the next page.

Selecting the country and the types of the package whether those are paper boxes or envelopes. Next typing the weight of shipment, the prices from diverse logistic companies will appear on the right hand side of your monitor. You can choose any services that you want.

Later you,

Our next page will show the total prices. Next you choose to drop the parcels off by yourself or book the time to let our messenger reach out to your place.

After you book the first mile pick up time or the drop place wherever near you. Remember, if your parcel orders are worth below 2,000 THB, we charge for 200 The for the first mile pick up. But if your shipment order more than 2,000 THB, no need to pay… we go and take your parcel for free. Next, the system will automatically show up the receipt and airway bill. Then you will have to print the airway bill out and put the airway bill on top of your parcels.

Next Step,

2. Pick up/Drop-off service ?

For the question is there any additional beside the delivery cost?

Yes, if your shipment order worth below 2,000 THB, we will go and pick up at your place for the first mile pick up with 200 THB.

However, if your shipment orders are worth more than 2,000 THB, our messenger will go and pick up. We will charge the pickup fees for 200 THB.

3. How can you pay and Payment Methods ?

Please wait, after we receive your parcels, we will check the weight and dimension properly. Then we get back to you for the confirmation Via line application , phone calls and emails. If you prefer the credit card, yes of course you can pay. We also offer the bank transfer, you can transfer the money directly.

Finally waiting your parcels to be delivered to the destination country. You can track down the parcels from our website by using your Tracking number that FastShip send to your email. Check your status 24/7.

However for some service type just like ,FastShip Standard service and Non-Registered DHL. There are no tracking number to track down. Our system will be demonstrated only it has been delivered outside of Thailand.

If you want to contact for more info please call 02-080-3999

Alternatively if you have line application, you can add us via Line : @fastship.co

Please note

Remember if you already created the shipment order in our system, please address your shipment order number which has 2xxxxx to our customer support. So that they will know your parcels situation automatically.