Order products from Thailand. Ship worldwide by FastShip

How does making a purchase through various marketplaces and have it shipped internationally works? Is it complicated?

ShopnShip service makes your Thai shopping much easier. You can purchase your favorite Thai products from any marketplaces or online stores locally and ship them to your door. Surprisingly, only a few steps within a few minutes, you can finish your creating shipment. ShopnShip is currently available in over 200 countries around the world. In addition, we also provide an extra service of repacking and taking photos of your items to ensure your package will arrive safely.




Please check the prohibited items you want to be delivered with customer service before shipping. (Click Here)

In case you already make a payment, the items in the parcel cannot be changed. Additional orders can be repacked together with the previous shipment you created only before you make a payment.

There will be no QC items for customers.

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Shipment Procedure

1. Fill in the order information.

Copy the given address to specify the address of recipient to the seller or an marketplace where you have purchased.

Fill in the order information (only in English)

  • Marketplace, for instance, Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, and others. If the channel you purchase from is not on the list, please select “other”.
  • The order reference number is an order number from the marketplaces or any online stores you buy from.
  • Tracking number is from every purchases made through the marketplaces or any other online stores shipping to FastShip. If the tracking number is still unknown at the time order has been made, you can fill in the tracking number later by going to the “ShopnShip” menu. Select “Order waiting to be shipped”.
  • Fill in the product detail, the quantity of purchase, and its total value (in Thai Baht). We recommended you to provide full detail. If you have ordered more than one type of product, please click on the “Add item” button.
  • In case you have more than one single order but you would like to make the same shipment and send them all together, please select add order and fill all the details again.

Fill in the destination information where you want items to be delivered


  1. Additional service fee includes for repacking and taking photo. Click to learn more 
  2.  In case you have a special request, please fill in the Note. For instance, you prefer to use FedEx shipping only.

Then the shipment is completely created.

2. Order arrives at Fastship

When your package arrives at Fastship, it will be unpacked. There will be an automatically notify via LINE for package arrival. Our staff will take the photo of all original packing items and repack them properly in standard packing.


Moreover, the staff will be carefully monitor during the repacking steps in order to prevent spoilage, leakage or damage, after that the pictures will be uploaded on your Fastship account with Line notification.

This is the shipment detail you can check from the shipment number. It will be updated automatically by our staff.

3. Make payment

After the status update to be “Delivery to Fastship” and automatically notify via LINE for payment.

You’ll receive a notification via LINE official.


Once you receive Line notification to inform a payment, simply scan a given QR code to make a payment. Your parcel will be shipped and you will be received the tracking number.